Adios for now.

Hi All

Tomorrow I begin my trip back to Canada although with one overnight in Madrid.

When I get back and have had a chance to catch up with my life and loved ones I will be adding more information to this blog.

One part will be more detailed accounts of the journey dealing with accommodations, eating, obstacles and serendipity. I will supplement Laurie´s (peregrina 2000) valuable posts in this regard.

And for those interested I will also add observations on this journey as a pilgrimage with special religious and spiritual dimensions.

So if you want to retain the automatic notice of new posts this information will come to you as a matter of course.

I most sincerely thank you all for your attention to my posts and hope that you are successful in your own interests in the Camino de Santiago, ruta Via de la Plata. To me it has been a journey more intense and sublime than even the Camino Frances and in my book this says a lot.

God bless,


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6 Responses to Adios for now.

  1. Brian Beahen, Jackie Beahen, Erin Beahen. says:

    To my dear brother Bill:
    My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on your magnificent conquest of Via de la Plata!!!
    And this comes from my entire family, including Alison & Stuart O’Connell in Toronto.
    You certainly showed the world, both in Canada & in Spain, and your fellow-pelegrinos
    that, at age 65, you,most assuredly, have buckets and buckets of ” the Right Stuff”!!!!
    MULTAS BENISSIMOS!!- I hope I said Many Blessings!! I certainly am of the opinion
    that your marvellous efforts,your fervent prayers,and finally, your Plenary Indulgence,
    have helped you acquire a multiplicity of blessings from St. JAMES, & all the Heavenly Hosts
    for yourself, family, friends and relatives and all those in need of spritual assistance.
    We all thoroughly enjoyed your posts,and we ” hungrily hung on your every word”,
    so much so that, halfway thru your trek, ie- after MERIDA,when we hadn’t heard from
    you in severaldays, I called Jane to see what was up! Luckily all was well, & we breathed a
    little easier.
    To sum it up, you certainly overcame with with GREAT DETERMINATION & GREAT JOY
    ALL THE OBSTACLES YOU FACED,- whether it was the cross of lesser companions, or heat, or cold,
    or mountainous terrain, lack of signs, language,etc.- you nimbly leaped over allthese hurdles, & more!
    WELL DONE, MY ( very youthful) YOUNG BROTHER!!! – LOVE, Brian & Family.

    • billcamino says:

      Thanks Brian, Jackie and all the clan!

      Dear Brian, Jackie and family

      I appreciate very much your support and prayers for me on this pilgrimage. I did´t do it alone. God was with me, and my family, friends and the saints and angels.
      The joy always overcame the obstacles and when I when I was in doubt and pain, the angels were there and St James. Look forward to seeing all my family when I come home.

      God bless,


      Ps and in case you think it was all self denial I just came back from a magnificent feed of pulpo (octopus) and lamb chops Galician style which means lots of garlic and other spices in a wonderful melange.

      God Bless,


  2. Congratulations for the experience. If you need in the future some kind of tourist information about Galicia, don’t doubt to contact us. Anyway you can check it on our website ( And have a nice trip back to Canada. Kind regards from Galicia.

  3. Carole Harrison says:

    Congrats Bill . . . you did well. Now time for the real camino of life to continue. I have enjoyed your reports and look forward to whatever you might add, so we can take it with us on our Vdlp next year.

    All the best for your return home.
    Buen camino siempre.

  4. Bill, we at Camino Buddies have enjoyed all your posts, buena suerte y buen camino.

  5. John Zwicker says:

    We enjoyed and had cause for reflection in your frequent comment “I walk in joy”. This in spite of all of the obstacles and frustrations you endured, as you have described.

    Your pilgrimage, therefore, reminds us of one of our favourite St. Francis legends, copied here for the joy of the other followers of your journey of joy!

    Blessings again from Ottawa
    The Zwickers

    How St. Francis Taught Brother Leo That Perfect Joy Is Only in the Cross

    One winter day St. Francis was coming to St. Mary of the Angels from Perugia with Brother Leo, and the bitter cold made them suffer keenly. St. Francis called to Brother Leo, who was walking a bit ahead of him, and he said: “Brother Leo, even if the Friars Minor in every country give a great example of holiness and integrity and good edification, nevertheless write down and note carefully that perfect joy is not in that.”

    And when he had walked on a bit, St. Francis called him again, saying: “Brother Leo, even if a Friar Minor gives sight to the blind, heals the paralyzed, drives out devils, gives hearing back to the deaf, makes the lame walk, and restores speech to the dumb, and what is still more, brings back to life a man who has been dead four days, write that perfect joy is not in that.”

    And going on a bit, St. Francis cried out again in a strong voice: “Brother Leo, if a Friar Minor knew all languages and all sciences and Scripture, if he also knew bow to prophesy and to reveal not only the future but also the secrets of the consciences and minds of others, write down and note carefully that perfect joy is not in that.”

    And as they walked on, after a while St. Francis called again forcefully: ‘Brother Leo, Little Lamb of God, even if a Friar minor could speak with the voice of an angel, and knew the courses of the stars and the powers of herbs, and knew all about the treasures in the earth, and if be knew the qualities of birds and fishes, animals, humans, roots, trees, rocks, and waters, write down and note carefully that true joy is not in that.”

    And going on a bit farther, St. Francis called again strongly: “Brother Leo, even if a Friar Minor could preach so well that be should convert all infidels to the faith of Christ, write that perfect joy is not there.”

    Now when he had been talking this way for a distance of two miles, Brother Leo in great amazement asked him: “Father, I beg you in God’s name to tell me where perfect joy is.”

    And St. Francis replied; “When we come to St. Mary of the Angels, soaked by the rain and frozen by the cold, all soiled with mud and suffering from hunger, and we ring at the gate of the Place and the brother porter comes and says angrily: ‘Who are you?’ And we say: ‘We are two of your brothers.’ And he contradicts us, saying: ‘You are not telling the truth. Rather you are two rascals who go around deceiving people and stealing what they give to the poor. Go away]’ And he does not open for us, but makes us stand outside in the snow and rain, cold and hungry, until night falls-then if we endure all those insults and cruel rebuffs patiently, without being troubled and without complaining, and if we reflect humbly and charitably that that porter really knows us and that God makes him speak against us, oh, Brother Leo, write that perfect joy is there!

    ‘And if we continue to knock, and the porter comes out in anger, and drives us away with curses and hard blows like bothersome scoundrels, saying; ‘Get away from here, you dirty thieves-go to the hospital! Who do you think you are? You certainly won’t eat or sleep here’–and if we bear it patiently and take the insults with joy and love in our hearts, Oh, Brother Leo, write that that is perfect joy!

    And if later, suffering intensely from hunger and the painful cold, with night falling, we still knock and call, and crying loudly beg them to open for us and let us come in for the love of God, and he grows still more angry and says: ‘Those fellows are bold and shameless ruffians. I’ll give them what they deserve.’ And he comes out with a knotty club, and grasping us by the cowl throws us onto the ground, rolling us in the mud and snow, and beats us with that club so much that he covers our bodies with wounds–if we endure all those evils and insults and blows with joy and patience, reflecting that we must accept and bear the sufferings of the Blessed Christ patiently for love of Him, oh, Brother Leo, write: that is perfect joy!

    ‘And now hear the conclusion, Brother Leo. Above all the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit which Christ gives to His friends is that of conquering oneself and willingly enduring sufferings, insults, humiliations, and hardships for the love of Christ. For we cannot glory in all those other marvelous gifts of God, as they are not ours but God’s, as the Apostle says: ‘What have you that you have not received?’ But we can glory in the cross of tribulations and afflictions, because that is ours, and so the Apostle says: ‘I will not glory save in the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.'”

    To whom be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

    from The Little Flowers of St Francis, The “Fioretti”

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