Happenings in Santiago!!!HawI J

Hi All

Yesterday I went to the officina del peregrinos to get my compostela (certificate of completion of the camino granted when you produce your credentiale stamped each day proving you walked). All along the way I heard rumours that there were a thousand people a day arriving from the Camino Frances and that the wait to get the Compostela was many hours. Not exactly. There were about 10 peregrinos in line and the wait was 10 minutes. Providentially this gave me plenty of time to go to the Cathedral for 6 pm mass and find a priest with enough English to hear my confession. All conditions satisfied to receive the plenary indulgence for my sins granted by the church in this Holy Year to pilgrims.

After I had dinner at the Bodeguilla de San Roque, Laurie´s favorite place, and it was great. The smoked salmon on scrambled eggs and toast was a fantastic opener and the warm pork shoulder smothered in Galician cheese was to live for.

Today I went to the noon pilgrims´ mass early so that I could pray for everyone at home and those who asked me along the way and for those who are no longer with us on earth. The mass was as powerful as ever and the Cathedral was standing room only with many peregrinos in tears.

The gospel was from Saint Luke and carried a message which my aboriginal friends taught me not so long ago. “Jesus said, ´What is the kingdom of God like? And to what should I compare it? It is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in a garden; it grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air made nests in its branches´”. We all have our places in the kingdom of God.

Abiding in joy but a tad restless to see my Jane, Megan and Katie.


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6 Responses to Happenings in Santiago!!!HawI J

  1. Brenda Zanin says:

    Congratulations, Bill. You have fought the good fight and run the race that was set before you – and shared so many wonderful experiences in the process with so many interested followers! Me included. I will miss your updates and insights; it has been a vicarious pleasure to picture you plodding along mountainous paths, seeking lodging, sharing special meals, meeting fellow pilgrims, and offering up your joyous praises. Thank you so much! Godspeed on your journey back home, and congratulations once again. BZ

  2. LT says:

    Congradulations Bill, what an amazing trip you have been on!
    I have been following your posts with great interest as I am hoping to complete the Via de la Plata next summer. I also look forward to hearing how the rest of the forum crew has faired.
    Take care and have a safe trip home!

  3. ian kitchen says:

    Thanks for all the postings bill,they have been a joy and also an insperation,I am still 3 days out of Santiago so will not get a chance to share experiances,shame but in some ways I feel we have been walking together, so I wish you well. I have a week to spare and thanks to your blog I am thinking of dropping back to OURENSE and walking into Santiago again.

    • Bill Beahen says:

      Hi Ian

      I admire your determination and your decision to experience both caminos in one trip. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

      God bless


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