So happy to be in Santiago! I

Hi All

I just arrived at my hotel in Santiago and it is beautiful and at a very good rate. I wanted to let you all know that I was safe and sound.
For all those who walked the Camino Frances in May 2008 when I was there, I have a rain story for you. You will certainly remember that we got 18 days of rain out of 31. On the Via de la Plata I have been blessed by negligible rain and thought I might get off scot free but not so!
Yesterday it came down in buckets on my way to Punto Ullo from Silleda. And when I got to PU, at 2 pm I found that Laurie´s recommended pension was closed for the day. One option was to carry on four kms to the next albergue but there was no restaurant there and all the stores were closed for Sunday so I couldn´t even buy anything to cook.
Asking around as to whether there was another place with rooms in PU I got varying answers from no to maybe to yes. Anyway after much roaming I arrived at Bar Juanita soaked to the bone – even the clothes in my backpack had gotten wet through my supposedly waterproof cover! I asked Juanita in the bar for a room and she hesitated as she saw me dripping water over her nice clean floor but then softened and said Si. She took me to a very lovely room where I was estatic with gratitude. The kicker to the story is that shortly after my arrival she closed the bar so that her family could enjoy Sunday afternoon and evening together. If I hadn´t arrived just when I did I would have been out of luck. St James I owe you another one!
Today I had a beautiful walk in cool but sunny weather into Santiago with vistas of valley and mountains almost to the entrance of the city.
I love the Via de la Plata!
I have walked in joy and now I abide in it.


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14 Responses to So happy to be in Santiago! I

  1. Josée Arbour says:

    Hi Bill,

    I’m so delighted for you that you have arrived in Santiago. You sound completely overjoyed! I’m sure Jane is anxious to have you back…dry or soaked to the bones!

    Bug Hug.


  2. Joan Collinge says:

    Hello Bill,
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey … especially with those you’ve not met. My daughter and I are planning to travel the camino to celebrate my 65 th birthday in 2012. Reading and learning from your messages, physical and spiritual, I’ve considered part of the preparation.

    I write from on a
    rainy, blustery day in Comox (a small seaside town on Vancouver Island), where I’m about to head off for a walk, which is also part of the preparation. Given your comments about weather encountered, it sounds like walks in the rain are good preparation as well!

    Peace be with you, Bill. And again … sincere thanks for sharing your journey. Joan

    • billcamino says:

      Thanks Joan for your postive comments. Are you walking the camino frances or via de la plata in 2012? Great to hear that two more Canucks will be on the trail.


  3. John Zwicker says:

    We all, children included, say congratulations! Well done. Mommy wants to know if you won the race.

    Thank you for sharing your pilgrimage with us. Relax now in joy!

    The Zwickers in Ottawa

    • billcamino says:

      Hi John, Mary and family,

      Thanks for your prayers! I didn´t win any race but I reached my destination; as my friend Willem said ´You are not a fast walker but you have a lot of stamina´.


  4. Karin says:

    Such a wonderful accomplishment!! Peter and I send warmest congratulations; we are sorry not to have been able to greet you there this time. I said prayers of thanks for your safe arrival this morning–knew you would be fine– and am wearing my golden scallop shell around my neck today in your honour. The champagne will be held until your return to Ottawa.
    Love, Karin, Peter and Fiona

    • billcamino says:

      Hi Karin

      Thanks so much for your prayers. Someone guided me safely to Santiago. It is a harder route than the Frances. I am so pleased that you included Fiona and Peter in your message. I have fond memories of both of them considering our brief encounters.

      Peter O´C and I are so looking forward to your wedding plans.



  5. Susan and Ron George says:

    Hi Bill
    what a wonderful journey you have been on! Both Ron and I have had you in our prayers. We look forward to hopefully seeing you when you arrive home again.
    Su and Ron

  6. Peter says:

    My Dear Friend Bill,
    Congratulations on arriving in Santiago and for sharing the journey with me. My time spent walking with you was the highlight of my year and it was such a pleasure to read your blog and follow your progress. In a small way I feel I have arrived in Santiago myself.
    Thank you so much,

    • billcamino says:

      Hi Peter

      I thought about you and Finn and meeting you in the Cathedral 2 years ago. You were with me today too in my prayers.

      Where will our next journey take us?

      All the best,


  7. Sandra O'Connell says:

    Hi Bill,
    What an achievement ! Congratulations. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your journey and reading your blog. It had become part of my daily routine to check where you were up to ! Your writings have given me much food for thought as I contemplate walking the VDLP. Thank you for all your spiritual insights.

    Have a safe journey back to Canada , and into the arms of your family.

    Take care. Sandra.

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