Finally in the Albergue in Orense!

Hi All

I left you rather suddenly yesterday as I was timed out on the library computer. I am glad that I was because I left the town hall to visit the church next door and found out that the mass was two hours earlier than I thought and I walked right into the beginning. Who says the Lord doesn´t take care of lost sheep. More on lost sheep later.

I had a good supper at the restaurant run by the two ladies, Laurie, which for your record and for future peregrinos is called B&J´s. Maybe Bonita y Joven? Probably not, but the ladies were very friendly and attentive. While watching the tv and eating the Galician weather man called for rain in the north which had me worried.

However, today dawned bright and sunny but very cold. Once more we had frost. This time was all down hill 300 metres over 22 kms so not steep. The bad part was that 90% was on highway and 10 kms was through a very unattractive industrial zone. So no great sights today. The day was saved a little bit by the last 3 kms through an attractive village and some peaceful paths in Orense.

However, Orense is far bigger a place than I suspected. It is in fact a city. As a result I got lost – must have missed an arrow somewhere and wandered all over following vague directions from the citizens. Finally a young guy took it upon himself to lead me to the place even though he wasn´t sure himself exactly where it was.

I am now off to visit the Cathedral and the historic centre but I have a map provided by the hospitalero which makes me very secure.

To my friends travelling the camino and following this blog I want to give me address in Santiago. I have reserved a room in the name of William Beahen at the Hotel Miradoiro de Belvis at 5 Rua das Trompas for 25, 26 and 27 October leaving Santiago on the 28th. The website says that the hotel is only .3 kms from the Cathedral so should be easy to access. Ian on the camino Frances and Willem on the Via de la Plata and anyone else, I would love to meet you and trade experiences.

Via con Dios!


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4 Responses to Finally in the Albergue in Orense!

  1. Maureen says:

    I have very much enjoyed reading of your pilgrimage, Bill, and I wish you well for the last days.

  2. muppet says:

    hi bill, i arrived yesterday in santiago after walking from ourense in 3 days. i finished it with a 37k, 52km and 16k. i leave tomorrow for holland. enjoy santiago and drop me an email on your return and good luck with last days


    • billcamino says:

      Hi Willem

      Glad to hear that you had a fantastic ending to the camino. I know that you wanted to test yourself on a 50+ kms day and I am pleased that you met your goal.

      I will stay in touch by email.

      All the best,


  3. John Zwicker says:

    Thank you for your prayers. SSorry tto hhear bbout thhhe ccold wweatheer yyou aare exxperieencingg. Ittts ttthe ssamme hhere. Vvery cchilly. WWe hhavve tto tthaw ooout oour pprayers ffor tthem tto bbe hheard. HHope iits a lllittle wwarmer ffor yyou tthere. KKeep uup the gggood wwwork && sstay wwarm!!!
    BBBlessinggs && pprayers ffrom tthe ZZwickers in OOttawa!

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