Greetings from Zamora

Hi All

Peter and I have been on the move and are in the last city before Santiago – the medieval Zamora.

The weather has dramatically changed in the last few days to definitely cool. Some heat in the afternoon which is welcome now. It is certainly great weather for walking. In northern Salamanca province the signs for the camino faded right out and we were left to guess several times which resulted in getting lost for short periods of time. But now having  crossed over to the province of Zamora signage is much better. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and beyond which is to be expected the nearer we get to wet mountainous Galicia.

Peter and I were just at the tourist office trying to work out away for him to get back to Madrid to fly back to Ireland on October 11th. News was not great. We had assumed that he could catch a bus from any village on the trail but not so. So he will have to spend a least a day walking back on the trail to find a bus stop. Nobody said the camino was easy.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers for little Grace and the news is wonderful! The MRI revealed that three doctors were wrong and she has no brain tumour!

Peter and I are off shortly to attend a pilgrims´ mass just down the street and I have all of you in mind in my prayers.

Peter and I are really enjoying walking together and I will miss him when he goes home. But the camino is about taking every moment in stride and making the most of it. I am really looking forward to climbing the Galician mountains which will lead me to Santiago. I am right on schedule.

All the best to you and I continue to walk in JOY!


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  1. Bill, we have enjoyed your posts. We have put up a link to your blog at Camino Buddies and hope others will read your posts and put the Camino de Santiago in their dreams and schedule.

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