Half way to Santiago and loving every moment!

Hi all

Peter O´Carroll decided t o  walk out to meet me yesterday in  San Pedro and  after 30 kms got very lost. Long story  but we hooked up this morning and walked in to  Salamanca today.

Life on the  trail has been very good. The day before yesterday I was in Fuenteroble staying at the parish albergue  run by Father Blas Rodriguez a bit of a legend on the camino. A big strong man in his  early  40´s he makes things happen. His albergue beautiful,  clean and comfortable and decorated with  dozens of amateur  paintings from the life of Christ and scenes of pilgrims on the camino.

I asked him about mass and he said he would be saying it at one of his five coun t ry  parishes and could take four  pilgrims in his car w ith him. So I  rounded  up  3 others and off we went in his little car. He stopped every now and then to talk to and dispense advice to his parishioners.

It was a  great mass and a pertinent homily on the trails of Job and his   faith in the face of all advertisty. After mass he called the 4  peregrinos fwd and gave  us hi s s p ecial  blessing.

The next day I had to climb the highest   peak   yet, the Pico de Dueana and  yes I got lost and end ed u p in the adjacent valley.  Rather than   backtrack a  pig farmer  s uggested that I cut thru hi s farm among his swine and climb a  barbed wire fence  and  head up the mountain edging toward the east where I would  pick up the  trail. I wasn´t the least worried and away I went   u`p and over the first barbed wire f ence and  under the next . Always looking for the trail the first thing I spotted after half and hour or more was a large wooden cross  erected  by Fa ther Blas himself. I fell to my knees in great gratitude before  that cross and  rejoined the  trail .

Peter and I have a nice  inexpensive p ension here and a re off to mass shortly and then dinner. Tomorrow we are walking thru the entire city and heading north again. He has another week here and is anxious to walk. I too will be glad to get out of the city as I am more comfortable on the trail and in the small villages .

Hasta la vista!


Ps  Laurie thanks for the list of internet sites.

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4 Responses to Half way to Santiago and loving every moment!

  1. John Zwicker says:

    Lost, through the swine and then onward to the foot of The Cross. Sounds like our daily grind to salvation in coles format.

    The graces, blessings and insights of this month of the Holy Rosary be with and guide you.

    Praying along with you

    The Zwickers

  2. Karin says:

    Hi Bill, I was delighted to receive your latest posting-was gettting a bit worried that you had not written for so long. Congratulations on understanding the homily and on your continued inspiring pilgrimage; all that walking in the summer is sure paying off–sounds like you have not even had a blister. Warmest greetings to Peter O’Carroll, and a big prigrim hug for you both. The big news here is that Peter S and I are making wedding plans

  3. Karin says:

    Hi again, I just read your Day 18 post–for some reason I had not received it–so it had been quite a long time since I had heard from you. I will light a candle and say a prayer for you tomorrow.

  4. Katie B says:

    I may have been wrong about the flare gun thing. Perhaps a thick blanket to throw over barbed wire fences would have been wiser. Glad to see you are safe and happy.


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