Cooler temperatures and good company

Hi all

I must use the A word again. This camino is amazing.

I left Meride on Monday morning and intended to walk to Alcuescar but walking around the beautiful Roman reservoir of Prospenia I got lost and spent a fruitless hour seeking my back to the route. So I was late getting into Aljucen after only 17 kms so I decided to stop there.

I was glad that I did because some friends met earlier turned up. Andrew who is a young man from Italy showed up with a sad tale. He had been so thirsty the day before and with no water decided to drink from a river. The inevitable happened and he was so sick that he went to the hospital. They did blood tests and set him loose with pills but he feels terrible and was not eating yet.

Also my good friend Francis, a former police officer from a town at the base of the Pyrennes showed up. We had a great talk over a wonderful dinner. And tonight the only two peregrinos at the albergue are Francis and Jean Francois. I must say that my French is improving much more than my Spanish from all the practice I am getting.

Today was beautiful and I walked 36 kms to the town of Aldea del Cano. The birds were singing and joy was all around me.

But right now I am in the public library and there is a nina ´who needs to use the computuer so I have been asked by the very nice librarian to get outa here. Ha ha!

Really the people in Spain have been wonderful, friendly and helpful and always with a smile and a buen camino for the peregrino.

Personal note. Karen Lemaire or Louise Charbonneau if you could please get word to Claire Tyo that I am thinking and praying for her every day I would appreciate it.

Peter OCarroll, the way things look I will be in Salamanca on October 1st and unless you hear differently I will meet you at the albergue there. I understand that there is only one. I hope this fits into your plans. I will probably update  you again I mention this now in case for some reason I dont have access to another computer with internet.

I walk in joy always!


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4 Responses to Cooler temperatures and good company

  1. Sandy B says:

    So happy to hear that you are not disappointed with this walk! We are praying for continued safety and God’s blessings on you. I will let you know how Grace’s big appt. goes on the 29th!

  2. Peter O'Carroll says:

    Hi Bill, it’s such a pleasure to read your updates from the Via de la Plata, I’m really looking forward to joining you. I’m due to land in Madrid on the evening of 30th September so Salamanca on the 1st October should not be a problem. Don’t feel under pressure to be in Salamanca, I can meet you somewhere else if necessary. Regards, Peter

  3. Laurie says:

    Hi, Bill,
    Your post brought back memories of all those roman bridges and mile markers, just sort of popping up all over on the camino from Alcuescar to Caceres. I hope you have some time to enjoy the beautiful city of Caceres. Its historic core rivals any in Tuscany, I would say! So glad that the weather is getting better, enjoy every minute. Laurie

  4. Katie B says:

    I’m glad you are safe and well and having such an Amazing journey! Don’t forget about your flare gun in case any cheetahs attack!

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