Life on the Via de la Plata is grand!

Hi All

I dont know how much I will write from this the slowest computer in Spain and manager of municipal facility is breathing down my neck!

I love this camino. It is beautiful, challenging with very few peregrinos and lots and lots of interesting landscape and fauna so different from the north in its arid nature and different plants. We have been walking for four days now and we are in the town of Real Jarra. The only constant in the company of peregrinos is that Ria, a lovely lady from Holland, and I have met each evening. Good company. Willem Bakker also from Holland who started with us the first day got horribly ill (I will spare the details) after the second day and he was forced to lay up for an extra day. We hope to meet up with him in a couple of days as we hear he is on the road again.

Last night a our peregrino dinner we had seven at table= Lino from Italy, Ria from Holland, Jong Si from S Korea, Alex from England, Francis from France and Berchtoldt from Germany and me of course. Common language was English except for Francis who only spoke French so I translated for him and the group. We had a delightful international conversation.

I am fit, fine, in excellent health and delighted with every moment on the journey. Deo Gratias. The only problem is the intense heat from 1 to 7 pm each day. Walking in it is very wearing so we try to finish as early in the afternoon as possible and then survive in the villages by showering and staying out of the sun.

The people here are welcoming but speak no other language but Spanish. I am delighted to find that in most cases I can communicate quite well. Although occasionally I ask a very simple question and get stared at like I am speaking Maritian.

Laurie, I have been taking your suggestions for accommodation and they have worked out very well. Many thanks!

I may not have time to send personal emails so I will add some endearments here.

Jane, my wonderful wife, I love you dearly and miss you a lot. I will write asap and you should send your emails to my email address instead of the blogsite.

Katie and Megan, my beloved daughters, I miss you both and hope that the universe is unfolding as it should.

Peter OCarroll, I am looking forward to seeing you in a little over 2 weeks. You will like this camino alot. Many physical challenges but much more serene than the Frances.

To all those who send me comments unfortunately at this spot I cant approve them for post but when I reach a spot without constraints I will catch up. So keep them coming.

Via con Dios , I walk in joy every moment,

Bill Beahen

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3 Responses to Life on the Via de la Plata is grand!

  1. Carole Harrison says:

    So wonderful to follow along with you, Bill. Glad you are excited by the vdlp and sounds like a great little mix of pilgs. . . . . . makes me want to be there, but for now will continue in spirit with you. Thanks for posting. Carole

  2. ria says:

    hey bill,
    where did you go? no albergue aqui he? when i asked for it at the policia local they pointed at the opposite of the street, and there is a half finished building: our future albergue :-).
    in case you go to the casa de cultura for the internet and read this message: I am in hostel extramadura at the end of the village. Willem is staying there too by the way: he did 2 etappes today to catch up with us and is having a shower right now.
    nice to read your blog! but live conversation is also good.
    hasta luego

  3. Brian Beahen, Jackie Beahen, Erin Beahen. says:

    Hello, Hello, you old peregrino:
    Glad to see you’re off to such a good start! I am happy for you for a number of reasons, such as your very obvious physical prowess -i.e.- marching all day, every day across barren desert,in 40 degree Celsius climate-with the only relief being a cloudy day and 3 litres of water, and , oh yes, a nice shower at the end of each days trek-MAYBE. As well, I pick up from your jaunty prose an amazing ” joie de vivre” which reminds me of Abraham Maslow’s 5 levels of personal satisfaction, of which the 5th & ultimate level is “self-actualization”; in my opinion,based on your exultant phrases, you have arrived at LEVEL 5;
    ” On the Via de la Plata, in 2010, I SEEM TO HAVE ARRIVED AT LEVEL 5- SELF-ACTUALIZATON. In short,
    I couldn’t be happier, despite possible setbacks, momentary perplexity, or anxieties. But, perhaps,you have said
    it best yourself, when you use your own motto, which is : ” I WALK WITH JOY!” Believe me, we share your joy!!

    One of the other major reasons why I am happy for you is the fact that you seem to be in such VERY VIBRANT
    BEING ABLE TO COPE WITH THE ABOVEMENTIONED SETBACKS, etc. However, I realize that these very
    stalwart companions are not often “on the camino with you when setbacks occur”. However, the end of each day’s
    trek,is an excellent time, not only to comiserate together, but also to fortify each other, as each peregrino needs!

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