Sevilla is wonderful

Hi All

I caught up with my new friend Willem Bakker from Scotland /Holland last night after dinner. Great guy! However, he is suffering from a stomach malady and sore feet so I give him maximum credit for sticking with it. This morning we were sitting in the lobby chatting when I saw a man carrying in my backpack and leaving it at the receptionist. You can imagine my delight! All was accounted for except for my Swiss army knife which I had put in an outside pouch. A word to the wise there are light fingers in some airports. I was able to replace it from a department store (Corte Ingles).

Today I toured the beautiful city of Sevilla which is a wonderful area of winding, narrow streets and beautiful and colourful old buildings. I also visited an old church happily not filled with tourists where I was actually able to pray for my many friends who face various challenges.

The highlight of the day was the tour of the Cathedral of Santa Maria just metres from my hotel. I spent a long time here marvelling at the artistry and workmanship of those who for centuries have devoted their skills to the glory of God.

Willem and I will have dinner together this evening and perhaps Ria also met on the St James site who has been held up here with an eye infection. Hopefully we will all set out together  for the first stage of the Via de la Plata tomorrow morning. The hotel is actually right on the route of the camino.

All the best,

Bill Beahen

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5 Responses to Sevilla is wonderful

  1. Sandy B says:

    Sounds like, as usual, you make the best of any situation Bill. I miss seeing you on the road here!

  2. ria says:

    hi bill,
    nice having dinner with you tonight!ç

  3. Maureen says:

    Great news about the backpack, Bill. A similar thing happened to me in Ireland many years ago – I was devastated because my walking boots were in it and I had planned much walking. It did turn up. I think that it is rather miraculous how luggage gets where it is intended!
    Am reading your story with interest – I hope to walk there next year – walked the Camino Francis in 2008 but did not see you (I think). Funny about that! M

  4. Laurie says:

    Hi, Bill,

    Glad to hear your backpack turned up and you had such an easy time replacing “lost” items. I am eagerly awaiting your stories — even on the Vdlp, most of the towns have free computers/internet, either in the library, casa de cultura, employment center or hogar del pensionista (retired folks’ hangout). May you be blessed with good weather, lots of water, and good company. Buen camino, Laurie

  5. Karin Weiss says:

    My computer has been kaput for the past week, so I can only now wish you “Buen Camino”. May your path to God and through Spain and into yourself be awesome and joyful. May you be safe. I shall be reading your blog with great interest, and I will be praying and lighting candles regularly for your safe journey.
    Karin in Ottawa

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