Arrived in Sevilla safe and sound

Hi All

After a long trip from Ottawa via Montreal via Munich via Barcelona = using air miles, I arrived at the Hotel Simon in city centre of Sevilla. The hotel is utterly charming with old world furniture and furnishings. I walked around for an hour or so and the centre is wonderfully preserved area of little shops, panderias and restaurants. I will love it here for a day and a half.

The only drawback is that my backpack did not arrive on my flight and a lovely lady at Spanair, Angela, is putting special effort into finding it because I am a peregrino. She asked me to pray for her on the camino and I will. The earliest I can get my pack is tomorrow and it may take longer than that.

That is ok with me, a delay in Santiago will be no hardship.

The temperature is 38 celsius and is forecast to be this hot or warmer. Welcome to Spain! I am glad that I had a lot of warm weather training this summer in Canada.

I just have time for a shower and out to eat when the restaurant opens at 8:30

All the best,

Bill B

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6 Responses to Arrived in Sevilla safe and sound

  1. Randi Thrane says:

    Hello Bill. Hope you get your missing things. Enjoy your camino. Will be enjoying your blog, since I will be starting from Sevilla end of April. Buen camino.

  2. Brian says:

    Good man Bill, You sound in great form; upbeat & positive. I’m sure you will have an amazing adventure.

    Buen Camino.

  3. Carole Harrison says:

    Buen camino Bill. May the weather be kind. Look forward to following along with you on the wonderful Vdlp. Take it easy. Carole

  4. Maureen says:

    Good luck in your camino, Bill. Will be following with interest. Remember how important your fluid intake will be! I am sure you know that already. Hope the backpack turns up as scheduled. M

  5. John Zwicker says:

    Welcome to Europe for your walk with the angels – but what is a peregrino?
    The Zwickers in Ottawa

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